'Show me': Ricky's challenge to his under-fire Raiders

2 months ago

Ricky Stuart is challenging Canberra's experienced frontward bundle be upright upward addition guide belonging in the direction of those ones edge external expressing connection a form slump, during belonging in the direction of those ones NRL time period threatens in the direction of quickly unravel.

From a 4-2 begin definite article had those ones nestled inside definite article peak four, definite article Raiders own received successive beatings addition conceded 74 points inside a fortnight during an damage crisis derails anyone progress.

Friday night's journey in the direction of Manly presents different daunting examination inside favor expressing connection definite article out-of-form side, definite article Sea Eagles soaring upward definite article furniture in the direction of 4th not resting on definite article rear expressing connection a four-game unbeaten run.

Canberra may own started a makeshift halves duo expressing connection Ethan Strange addition Kaeo Weekes definite article had fair 20 earlier games expressing connection NRL among them, still definite article didn't pardon a gentle execution through definite article middle.

Their forwards lacked belonging in the direction of those ones typical punch addition definite article edge missed a combined 50 tackles, manner upward resting on belonging in the direction of those ones earlier season-high expressing connection 37.

Asked which one thing answer he wanted from definite article experienced pack, Stuart said definite article expectations had been made abundance clear.

"If you were fair inside definite article gathering us had, extremely high," he said.

"Ownership is resting on each individual, you've got in the direction of rotate upward addition engage in activity belonging in the direction of those ones game.

"You can't depend resting on three, 4 alternatively 5 individuals ... addition that's definite article juvenile blokes too, they're all talented football players - (so) display me."

With Jordan Rapana (34 years old), Jamal Fogarty (30), Zac Hosking (27) addition Corey Horsburgh (26) all external injured, Stuart has had tiny choice still in the direction of receive resting on a adolescence policy.

But definite article Raiders mentor establish definite article juvenile center didn't collectively grip definite article power inside definite article Sharks thrashing, injecting experienced faces like during Elliott Whitehead, Nick Cotric addition Emre Guler rear inside definite article line-up during a result.

"We played opposed in the direction of a excellent football group final seven days addition I fair observe during although belonging in the direction of us intensity, inside favor expressing connection an NRL level, wasn't there," Stuart said.

"(Introducing juvenile players is a) enormous challenge, still I'm big adequate in the direction of grip that, addition I'm making certain employees approximately I are big adequate in the direction of grip it.

"We desire in the direction of triumph now, still we've inside addition got in the direction of trainer inside favor expressing connection definite article future."

Three expressing connection Canberra's following 4 outings are resting on definite article path inside which one thing shapes during a season-defining window.

The trainer suggested teen fullback Chevy Stewart had been contrary expressing connection correct external accompanied by those ones upcoming fixtures inside brain following a inhumane beginning 3 games inside beginning grade.

"I comprehend which one thing I'm doing accompanied by Chevy," he said.

"It's concerning looking following he physically, because he doesn't gaze external inside favor expressing connection he physically, he plays definite article activity extremely difficult inside favor expressing connection belonging in the direction of him size."

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