Desperate search for Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson missing in Mexico

2 months ago

A hopeless look for is underway inside favor expressing connection 2 Perth brothers which person own vanished during resting on a surfing journey inside Mexico.

Callum addition Jake Robinson — 2 aged inside belonging in the direction of those ones 30s — are believed in the direction of own gone missing inside definite article Baja California region, close Ensenada, during resting on a surfing addition camping trip.

Their caretaker Debra Robinson has taken in the direction of relating in the direction of community center in the direction of plead inside favor expressing connection help.

“Reaching external in the direction of anyone which person has seen belonging in the direction of me 2 sons,” female wrote.

“They own negation contacted us because Saturday 27th April . They are travelling accompanied by different companion an American citizen.

“They were owed in the direction of amount inside an Airbnb inside Rosarito following belonging in the direction of those ones camping end of the week still those ones did negation display up.

“Callum is a kind 1 diabetic therefore in that place is inside addition a related in the direction of care concern . Please communication I if you own seen those ones alternatively comprehend belonging in the direction of those ones whereabouts. Thank you.”

Family addition friends own inside addition disperse definite article word.

Camera IconJake Robinson, left, addition sibling Callum, right. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

“My Australian friends Jake addition Callum Robinson own gone missing approximately Rosarita/Ensenada area expressing connection Baja California Norte Saturday morning,” 1 position said.

“They were probable surfing.

“Callum is a diabetic — this one is a extremely dire circumstance if you able in the direction of make happy participate if you comprehend anyone which person lives locally.

“They were driving Chevrolets colorado (sic) usefulness accompanied by Californian amount plates - 7018W1.”

Camera IconCallum Robinson Credit: Instagram/Instagram

It is understood Callum had been alive inside San Diego addition definite article Jake had travelled above in the direction of go to him.

The Department expressing connection Foreign Affairs addition Trade has been contacted inside favor expressing connection comment.

More in the direction of come.

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