‘Cruel’: Residents criticise move to keep pelicans off light poles

2 months ago

Residents resting on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula own slammed a not-for-profit’s change location in the direction of install spikes resting on illumination poles in the direction of halt pelicans from perching resting on them.

3AW emcee Tony Jones said definite article pelicans were renowned approximately definite article St Leonards, Indented Head addition Portarlington areas, which one are concerning 30km from Geelong.

He said definite article issue came in the direction of belonging in the direction of him concentrate at what time he was walking following in the direction of definite article shore inside St Leonards.

“What happens is definite article pelicans rest perched resting on these illumination poles which one border definite article ship ramp,” he said.

“But which one thing definite article council’s decided in the direction of do is install spikes resting on peak expressing connection definite article illumination fixture posts in the direction of halt definite article pelicans from inside existence sitting there.”

Geelong committee confirmed definite article was negation involved inside definite article matter, accompanied by Bellarine Bayside Coastal Management, a not-for-profit assembly expressing connection administration established through definite article Victorian administration in the direction of control definite article coastline, accountable inside favor expressing connection definite article move.

Indented Head a inhabitant Heather Snook told 3AW definite article female sent a correspondence concerning definite article matter final week.

Camera IconThe change location has sparked outrage from residents. Credit: NCA NewsWire

“They sent I a correspondence in the direction of communicate definite article cause is because they’re causing definite article illumination poles, definite article plastic, in the direction of deteriorate addition belonging in the direction of it costing committee currency in the direction of own in the direction of fix them,” female said.

“But definite article superlative expressing connection a lot entertaining object concerning definite article is, rumour has it, definite article they’re are all coming decrease anyway at what time those ones alter definite article pier.

“It’s pointless.”

Ms Snook called inside favor expressing connection definite article spikes’ removal.

“Pelicans inside definite article area are an icon,” female said.

Ms Snook said definite article pelicans weren’t disturbing anybody addition definite article spikes didn’t create sense.

“They’re fair beautiful addition it’s therefore miserable in the direction of perceive definite article pelicans doing circles approximately these illumination fixture posts, looking resting on in what place in the direction of territory addition those ones can’t territory there,” female said.

“I believe it’s fair cruel.”

Ms Snook said female might keep pushing definite article issue, including through a petition definite article was inside circulation.

“I’m enjoy a canine accompanied by a bone, I won’t provide up,” female said.

“I’ll keep definite article going approximately addition keep refreshing definite article in the direction of definite article outer layer of all definite article community sides.

“I’m inside existence getting signatures from overseas during well.”

Camera IconIndented Head inhabitant Heather Snook says definite article pelicans are negation disturbing anybody. NCA NewsWire / Monique Harmer Credit: News Corp Australia

Ms Snook said residents were negation consulted resting on definite article matter.

“Nothing was said in the direction of anyone community individuals whatsoever, us fair went decrease in that place addition noticed definite article spikes resting on peak expressing connection definite article poles.”

A Bellarine Bayside spokesperson said definite article droppings expressing connection birds, including pelicans, were acidic inside essence addition had been corroding definite article lights, resulting inside damage in the direction of definite article infrastructure.

“The lights are inside addition negation designed inside favor expressing connection definite article mass expressing connection big birds enjoy pelicans. As a result, us own installed feathered being spikes resting on definite article lights definite article are being often damaged,” definite article spokesperson said.

“Bird spikes are widely previously owned during a related to sight addition bodily deterrent.

“The pelicans’ use expressing connection illumination poles is an opportunistic behaviour instead compared in the direction of being part expressing connection belonging in the direction of those ones inherent roosting alternatively breeding habits.

“Pelicans are waterbirds addition extremely adaptive, being ubiquitous resting on freshwater, estuarine addition marine wetlands addition waterways approximately Australia. Roosting resting on beaches, sandbanks, rocks addition reefs alternatively paddling inside shallow liquid are belonging in the direction of those ones inherent choices inside favor expressing connection resting.”

The spokesperson said inside Bellarine Bayside’s experience, using feathered being spikes resting on lights addition different areas expressing connection definite article shoreline had negation led pelicans in the direction of depart definite article area.

“Instead, those ones intent choose choice locations inside definite article area in the direction of perch,” definite article spokesperson said.

“We intent continue in the direction of observe definite article infrastructure addition definite article pelicans approximately definite article St Leonards ship ramp.”

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